Our Why

Break up. Renew. Create. Out of enthusiasm for the new, we go on a search. This is how we discover our creative power. From this emerges fundamental and essential inspiration for people and organizations. Together we accomplish the miracle of creating something new out of nothing. And recognize and live up to our full potential. Together we stimulate creation – in ourselves and in others.

Our How

These values call for and foster a vibrant ‘for each other’.


Potential. Never ending
possibilities. Accessible through
sensation. Lets us create the
new out of nothing.


Driving power. Passion and heart. Open for results. Enthusiastic about life. Like a fire burning from inside.


Organic growth. Holistic and sustainable. Forming and shaping ideas. Keeps us down to earth and at the same time lets us grow.


Free flowing like water. Meaningful and real empathy. An appreciative community on the same level. Lets us feel; for ourselves and for others.


Life based on curiosity, fantasy and playing. A free mind. A creative idea and a sudden realization. Like a light breeze moving us.

What inspires and moves me.

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Who we are and what drives us.

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TIM – Trust In Myself. Our vision is a world
in which every adolescent feels: “I am valuable!”

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Let us know if you are interested in our offerings or have any questions, we look forward to your message.