What does your life have to do with miracles? You might want to take a few minutes to ponder this before you continue reading.

Is it not a little miracle how our body keeps us alive? Trillions of small processes take place in trillions of cells. Every second. In every human being. Without our guidance. All by itself.

A miracle does not always have to be something extraordinary pur sang. The ancient Greeks related miracles to astounding observations in nature. If we follow this definition, and look for the extraordinary in everyday life, we will start seeing many miracles. According to science, miracles are shaped by the brain. This places miracles in the eye of the respective beholder.

In conscious moments, we can discover the many big and small wonders that make us special. It is exciting to rediscover the extraordinary in what seems the ordinary, everyday life. To be surprised, astonished, or even to admire oneself, look at oneself in wonder.

In Middle-High German, the word is also used to designate curiosity: “Mich wundert” meant “I am curious, eager to know.” This desire is a driving force for our vitality.

Die Toten Hosen, a German band, also knew how beautiful it is to believe in miracles:

Ich glaube immer noch an Wunder
(I still believe in miracles).
Ja, ich weiß, es kommt der Tag
(Yes, I know, the day will come),
An dem sie jeder von uns sieht
(At which everyone of us will see them).
Ich glaube immer noch an Wunder
(I still believe in miracles)
Und meine Hoffnung darauf, die kann mir keiner stehlen
(And my hope for it, cannot be taken away from me).
Wenn das Gute das Böse mal besiegt
(Once good prevails over evil),
Bleibt die Zeit vielleicht für immer stehen
(Perhaps time will stand still forever).
Wir werden alle barfuß über Wasser gehen
(We will all walk on water barefooted)
Auf unserem Weg zurück ins Licht
(On our way back to the light).
Ich glaube immer noch an Wunder
(I still believe in miracles)
(The Toten Hosen: “Wunder”)

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