“Yu, nobuntu”- “You possess this wonderful Ubuntu quality”. In African culture, this phrase represents the ultimate distinction for a person. “Ubuntu”is the central element of the South African philosophy of life: It describes what it means to be a human being.

Ubuntu is based on the idea that all people are related, connected, and part of a large family. In the Ubuntu philosophy, there is no separation, just like in modern quantum physics. So when we’re connected, it applies that if I approach someone with openness and generosity, I treat myself in the same way and do what’s right for me. If I like myself, showing appreciation to others will come more easily as well.

Archbishop Desmond M. Tutu phrases it like this: “A human being only becomes a human being through other people.”

As people who are connected with others, we should constantly be aware of “Ubuntu”. Especially in times of change and challenges, it is good to know that we are part of the whole. That there is more inner connection than outer separation. This gives us a sense of security – in the midst of all changes, big and small. And that comes in quite handy right now.

Yours, Kirsten Schrick

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