I discussed “intelligence” with the participants of a training. What is intelligence?

What do you think about the following answer? Intelligence is alive, spontaneous, open, vulnerable and unbiased. Or as an Indian philosophy professor put it: “Intelligence is the courage to live without preconceived opinion.”A preconceived opinion often serves us as a protection and gives us an air of certainty. We feel familiar with it and know how to handle it. But it becomes more and more apparent to me, from discussions with my clients and my own life experiences, that old beliefs and convictions are often no longer effective while new concepts are not yet developed. Certainty and security have become scarce goods. What we can develop, is the courage to discover our own lives – both professionally and privately – and the willingness to make mistakes and commit errors. Because only when one makes mistakes, does one learn to orient oneself.

I wish for all of us to have courage in our (professional) lives. “Courage means, going into the unknown, in spite of one’s fears. Courage does not mean to be free of fear. Fearlessness arises when one becomes more and more courageous every time “(Osho, 1999). The English word “courage” comes from the Latin root “cor” which means “heart”. To be brave means to live from the heart.

Hopefully, we can find ways to think, feel and act more from this source.

Yours, Kirsten Schrick

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