Golden circle

We are witnessing a paradigm shift, one that Nobel Prize winner Ilya Prigogine described as early as the 1970s. His theory states that ordered systems, when they want to transition to another state, first go through a chaotic, disordered phase.

We experience this today in a very direct way, we can feel the change, without knowing exactly where it will lead us. Many of us react to this vacuum in the transition with doing things, functioning – like a machine. With this, we are concentrating on the WHAT: on the tasks, the external position. But we seldom ask ourselves the WHY question, the inner purpose of our actions. During a talk with a client a few years ago, I learned about the “Golden Circle” of Simon Sinek and would like to share its essence with you.

His “Golden Circle” asks: What propels us? What is important to us? What inspires us? The English term ‘Spirit’ describes the vital principle that gives life to the physical organism. I believe this is exactly what’s wrong in our day and age: We lose our liveliness when we work one-sidedly in our life projects and don’t pay enough attention to our core. We then live and communicate from the outside in rather than the other way around: “Inside – Out” – acting from our core. From my own experience, I know that you can lose the WHAT, but the WHY remains intact – unscathed – and carries us through transitional phases.

I feel that these times are really beckoning all of us: to feel our own liveliness, the connection with life and with ourselves, and to draw strength from it. When do you feel ready to go back to the most precious thing you have: yourself? (Simon Sinek: Start with a why)

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