The breaks

When a professional or private life phase comes to an end, we like to ask ourselves: How has this time been for me? How did I experience this phase? What moved me? What have I moved? Was it important to me?

When I asked a nearly eighty years old friend how she managed to recharge again and again, she smiled and revealed her secret:

“I breathe my life. I always deliberately breathe in all good experiences. I anchor in my body what has delighted, strengthened, confirmed and inspired me. I deliberately breathe out everything that has bothered, aggravated or hindered me. I sort of give it back to the cycle of life. The most important thing for me is the pause in between. The pause between the breaths, which I consciously enjoy now and then. During these restful pauses – between the breaths – I have already experienced so many surprises. It’s all about the pause.”

The pause or break, the phase between happenings, sentences, words and actions, seems to be a great energizer. Perhaps we should just take time between two life phases and grant ourselves a pause. A brief pause, to appreciate what “just” seems to be in between.

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