One’s own rhythm

How would it be if we move beyond the grind of our everyday life from time to time? Leave the multitude of appointments, emails, text messages and Facebook behind for a day, and become aware of our own rhythm? Understand ourselves as a living organism that has, and needs, its own rhythm? Time researcher Karlheinz Geissler encourages especially the economy to have more rhythm and less pace: “The pauses or breaks set the rhythm. Man’s temporal nature insists on conclusions and beginnings, transitions, pauses, and decelerations.”

Even in my work with, and within change processes, I constantly discover the magic of the conscious end and the transition. For this, time-space is needed. To linger, look and trace. An intermediate space can not only help in taking a conscious distance from things, but also provide a good connection point for a successful new beginning.

“The rhythm is below me
The rhythm of the heat
The rhythm is around me
The rhythm has control
The rhythm is inside me
The rhythm has my soul”
(Peter Gabriel)

Follow Peter Gabriel and give yourself breaks from time to time, to experience your own rhythm.

Yours, Kirsten Schrick

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