We shake people up in their daily work.

With interventions as an art form, we intervene in existing relationships between organizations and communities – comparable to performance art in the public space. The intervention may have a provocative effect in the system and induce reflection, tracing and participation. Our goal: “… to liquefy rigid structures, to get everything that has been slowed down or stopped moving again.” (Reinhard Sprenger). With sensitivity and empathy, we bring the implicit understanding of people and organizations together to the surface, and make it available.

With the original format of the intervention, we shake people up in their daily work. Demand the courage of each individual. And move together outside the comfort zone. We often use Socratic questions as stylistic tools. Questions that touch upon the opposite. Questions that activate something in the other person, without offering an answer. Questions that reverberate and make the organizational space resonate.

Creative. Irritating. Invigorating.

  • What effect do pleasantly unusual questions have in people and organizations?
  • What energy can we release in this way?
  • What changes in perspective can we provoke together and create something new?

Let us know if you are interested in our offerings or have any questions, we look forward to your message.

Visionary. Empathic. Clear. Four formats
in which art serves as a mediator,
navigator and guide.

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What inspires and moves me.

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Who we are and what drives us.

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TIM – Trust In Myself. Our vision is a world
in which every adolescent feels: “I am valuable!”

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