Touching the head and the heart.

We live in an accelerated and condensed time, which cannot be comprehended only rationally. In order to deal with the spirit of the times, we need meaning. Provoke feelings. Address ambivalence. Inspire with new ideas.

Art creates this bridge. It touches our heads and hearts. It provokes and rattles us. It pulls us out of our comfort zones. And thereby inspires and enriches us.

The most important thing: art ‘disturbs’. In doing so, art challenges our routines and beliefs. With Art4Life, we offer four formats in which art serves as a mediator, navigator and companion for the paths in our volatile, complex and ambiguous world.

4 x 2-day Seminar series: Art4Life.
Visionary. Empathic. Clear.

  1. How do we develop a vision of a desirable future?
  2. How can we understand ambivalent relationships and make them understandable?
  3. How can we use our power and energy effectively?
  4. How can we develop adaptability, flexibility and vibrancy?

Let us know if you are interested in our offerings or have any questions, we look forward to your message.

What inspires and moves me.

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Who we are and what drives us.

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TIM – Trust In Myself. Our vision is a world
in which every adolescent feels: “I am valuable!”

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