Spirit of leadership

Leaders are challenged more than ever as vibrant and authentic individuals and personalities. The formats of the “Spirit of Leadership” are more than just tools. They consciously draw the attention of executives to their potential development and that of their staff.

In our two seminar series, we convey a holistic understanding of leadership: self-leadership – interpersonal interaction on an equal footing – effective teamwork – a sense of systemic and transformational leadership.

6 x 2-day Seminar series: Leadership Basics.
Pragmatic. Holistic. Effective.

  1. How do I lead myself? What roles do I fulfill?
  2. How do I deal with my employees in an emphatic, mindful way?
  3. What are my conflict strategies? And how effective are they?
  4. How do I constructively and cooperatively manage my team dynamics?
  5. How can I raise my effectiveness as a leader? And what beliefs can support me in that?
  6. How can I unfold the potential of my employees and my organization further through a systemic perspective?

4 x 2-day Seminar series: Leadership Advanced.
Systemic. Transformational. Future-oriented.

  1. How do I inspire and thereby realize the vision of my company?
  2. How do I handle my needs and the needs of my employees in an empathic way?
  3. How do I openly respond to change and thereby bring clarity as a doer?
  4. How do I realize an agile mindset, act courageously and trust myself and my staff?

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