Solving conflicts

Conflicts arise when different opinions, attitudes and action strategies come together. They can be used destructively or constructively. The decisive factor is the extent to which the participants are consciously able and willing to deal with the underlying emotions and needs.

Non-violent communication according to Marshall Rosenberg has great potential for the confident handling of situations that are emotionally difficult. Non-violence means a way of life for us: I avoid hurting or injuring others. I therefore renounce the use of language that makes others responsible for my feelings and has the propensity to incite conflicts.

1-day workshop: Conflict moderation between two actors.
Mindful. Liberating. Stimulating.

  • Which events shaped the relationship?
  • What sensitivities and reactions have been triggered?
  • What could the constructive handling of the mutual trigger points look like?

2-day Workshop: Conflict moderation in a team.
Non-violent. Open. Clarifying.

  • What conflicts and resistance exist on the material and relationship level?
  • Where are possible hidden needs?
  • How do we want to shape our future collaboration?

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