Project management

We know from experience what really matters when managing successful change projects: looking at the big picture. Appreciating the complex dependencies of stakeholders. Observing the interactions in projects. Working in networks instead of project monoliths. We communicate all this in our systemic project management seminars.

We can see retrospectively that projects go through four important fields of action: creation, planning, implementation and anchoring. The four fields run through the project activities like four basic rhythms. In our seminars, we open up the four fields of action for specific projects.

2-day Workshop: Project Management Basics.
Fundamental. Holistic. Effective.

  • How does the release and delivery of the project take place?
  • Who are the stakeholders? What expectations and needs do they have?
  • What challenges await us in the different project phases?
  • How do we come to a good ending and learn from our experiences?

2-day Workshop: Project Management Advanced.
Systemic. Challenging. Transforming.

  • Where did our project idea originate from? What does the project DNA look like?
  • What does the systemic context analysis tell us?
  • How do we succeed in dealing constructively with resistance?
  • How do we tell success stories and establish new rituals?

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