Peer review

The peer review provides differentiating insights into group structures. And looks behind the scenes of seemingly well-functioning bodies. It is an instrument that reveals unspoken differences. And makes settled routines visible and challenges them. It clarifies, irritates, provokes and triggers dialogue. A challenge for management and executive teams.

The peer review is designed as a three-part concept: self-image and external image are collected for each board member. By taking into account group characteristics, self-image and external image are compared and analyzed. The relationships within the team are mapped on network cards. This reveals different positions in the structure of a board.

Peer review:
Clarifying. Insightful. Honest.

  • What are the perceptual differences between self-image and external image?
  • Who is positioned where in the group? Are there any stars? Or outsiders?
  • How do the board members view their interaction as a group?

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