Founder coaching

Start-ups generate and live growth. Even founders need to grow into their leadership responsibility role. They learn on the job to keep the company together through growth-driven change and to integrate different ideas and personalities. The challenge: to stay focused on a people-friendly and value-oriented corporate culture. In this way, the company can grow organically and be successful in a sustainable way.

The catalysis of the development of leading personalities starts with the unfolding of individual leadership potential. In coaching, founders learn to recognize and use their resources, skills, competencies and success stories. This gives them the opportunity to integrate this into an inner attitude – “equal to an inner compass”. In this way, they can operate more purposefully and results-driven in every situation.

Founder coaching
Strengthening. Sustainable. Effective.

  • What does leadership mean to me? What is important to me in leadership?
  • Which of my behavioral patterns and strategies are sustainable?
  • How do I inspire my employees in change processes?

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