Golden purpose

Discover your Golden Purpose

Corporate culture begins for us at its core – in the integral self-conception of an organization. Successful organizations consciously live and shape their center. They recognize the meaning of their work and represent it credibly, both internally and externally. The “Golden Circle” – a symbol of sustainable success in an organization. At the center is the WHY: Why do we do what we do? This is followed by the HOW : How do we work? Only then does the WHAT follow: What are we actually doing?

2-day workshop: Discover the WHY.
Together. Sensorial. Insightful.

  • What beliefs does our organization represent?
  • What feelings and emotions does it want to invoke?
  • What does our organization want to radiate, both internally and externally?

2-day Workshop: Implementing the HOW.
Playful. Empowering. Effective.

  • What is important to us in our work, internally and externally?
  • What are our strengths and resources?
  • How do we uphold and live our values ??in our daily work?

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