GefühlsKultur (Culture of emotion)

“Feelings and emotions are the only thing we haven’t yet managed away!” – a manager noted in the context of our survey “What managers really feel” (2014). Through our study, we are confident: feelings and emotions are central to managers’ lives, even if they are not always aware of them. Feelings and emotions are a source of power. If we value and nurture them in the context of a successful GefühlsKultur® (Culture of Emotion). They can then make our organizations healthier places.

2-day workshop: GefühlsKultur® (Culture of Emotion).
Liberating. Startling. Real.

  • To what extent am I aware of my own feelings and emotions and accept them and consciously channel them?
  • How are feelings cultivated in our organization? Are they monitored and taken seriously?
  • What kind of feelings and emotions do we want?
  • Which of the four types of emotions aligns with me? And what does that mean for my future development?

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