Change story

We create change stories that both narrators and listeners can identify with. The narrator may contribute his own experiences, ideas and values. At the same time, we integrate the perspective of the listener. Emotions are the key to a successful change story. This is in line with the findings of modern brain research.

2-day Workshop: Our Change Story.
Co-creative. Tangible Human.

  • What is our core message? How does this message feel?
  • Which emotions make our story tangible?
  • When and how can all parties involved engage themselves in the story?
  • Which plot does the dramatic structure of our story hold?

2-day workshop: Our retrospective.
Appreciative. Honest. Future-oriented.

  • Who are the “heroes” of our story?
  • What challenges have they overcome? What did they learn?
  • How will our heroes act in the future? Where does the journey lead to?
  • What experiences are valuable and important to our organization?

Let us know if you are interested in our offerings or have any questions, we look forward to your message.

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