Change seminar

Whether change processes succeed depends on each individual involved. This makes individual expectations, feelings, emotions and needs key factors in a successful change. In our seminars, we work in a holistic manner. We look at employees and executives in the context of their responsibilities and, above all, their humanity.
Because: People change organizations.

Employees and executives are challenged in different ways in change processes. In practical and experience-oriented seminars, we empower individuals as change agents, to embody change.

2-day Workshop: Change for employees and project managers.
Clarifying. Encouraging. Empowering.

  • How do we responsibly and independently go through the phases of change?
  • What are the feelings, fears and resistances at play?
  • What are the tools that can support us in the change?

2-day workshop: Change for managers:
Resource-oriented. Moving. Empowering.

  • How do we fulfill our dual role – being affected and being responsible for our employees?
  • What are the resources we can fall back on?
  • What moves or drives us? What feelings, emotions and needs hamper or promote the change process?
  • Which leadership roles are suitable for which change phase?

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