Across generations

Gen Y and Z are very different from previous generations. Misunderstandings and conflicts can emerge. This poses problems for companies. We enable teams and organizations to use the resources of gen Y and Z. And we create opportunities for every generation to their bring their qualities to the table in a meaningful way.

In our seminar, we honor the zeitgeist of different generations. We experience the imprints and values of the participants in a sensory and lively format. We create understanding for different ways of working and living. This is the start of a constructive and creative dialogue, enabling new ways of working together.

2-day workshop: Across generations.
Scientifically sound. Preventive. Practical.

  • What are the behaviors and needs associated with the baby boomers generation X, Y and Z?
  • What do Gen Y and Z expect from leaders and organizations?
  • How can we find a constructive way of dealing with different generations?

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We invite executives to recognize
feelings and emotions as a precious resource.

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