From Crisis to Empowerment: Feelings

A crisis without feelings – that’s not possible. Feelings approach from the outside, and spread inside of us. Sometimes they control us completely. What are our reactions like? Do we ignore, suppress, cut off?

We recommend, especially now, to consciously perceive, take seriously and accept our feelings. Because feelings of crisis can then become a source of strength.


The questions from this stage:

  • What feelings do we have? What feelings dominate us?
  • How can we change feelings?
  • What is the relationship between our attitudes to life and our feelings?

You can experience this content in two ways:
In an exchange with other people in a group context.
Or alone in a personal conversation with Kirsten Schrick.

Online Training Feelings 1:15

Appreciating feelings as a companion.
Attentive. Effective. Meaningful.

A lively, 2-hour interaction in the virtual space.


Also as an in-house offer for companies

Online Coaching Feelings 1:1

My feelings as a guide.
Perceptive. Watchful. Valuable.

A 1-hour personal dialogue in a protected space.


Also as an in-house offer for companies

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